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Our Neighbor

is an experience design agency.

Creating better products, services & architecture.

For people and our planet.

Welcome to the neighborhood

Welcome to the neighborhood

Welcome to the neighborhood

Welcome to the neighborhood

We believe that creativity is a powerful tool to help organizations reach their full potential.

Need help with your next project? We'll work with you to create a custom plan that fits your needs and budget — taking your organization to the next level.

Systems thinking

We analyze how proposed changes will affect the entirety of a system—avoiding unintended consequences and creating designs that are more likely to achieve our goals.


Our LEED-certified co-founder works closely with clients to bring organizations into the circular economy.


Data is used to make better decisions about what to build, how to optimize the existing, and where to focus future efforts.

Our services


Sustainable sourcing
Value engineering
Vendor partnerships


Community engagement
Program & service mapping
Equitable design


Design for manufacturing (DFM)
Venture partnering
Market forecasting

Smart spaces

Behavioral mapping
IOT integration
Spatial data collection

Future projections

Strategic road mapping
Concept generation

Our process

1 — Orient


We believe that client onboarding is essential to a successful project — taking care to get to know our clients and their needs before beginning any work.

2  — Explore


We start by looking at the big picture, researching and analyzing the ecosystem in which the problem resides. The goal is to gain empathy for those within the system we are observing and generate insights that can inform the design process.

3 — Identify


Data is our priority. We collect and analyze data to ensure that we make the best decisions possible. Our focus is to understand complex systems to diagnose the root of the problem so that we can find solutions that work better for everyone involved.

4 — Test


We quickly deploy rapid prototyping solutions and testing strategies in context. Our experience has taught us that no single solution is best for all, so we run the gamut of techniques to find the ideal direction forward. Always aiming for long-term success, we do what is necessary to get solutions in front of stakeholders for feedback.

5 — Launch
Step 5


Prioritizing the right balance of simplicity and effectiveness, our aim is to find solutions with a minimal negative impact on external systems around it. Whether it is a product, structure, or integration of a new service strategy, Our Neighbor will be there to help you every step of the way.

Our founders

Jacob and Mark have over a decade of combined experience working with clients from fortune-100 companies, governments, and startups. They believe that good design is about more than just how something looks – it is about making intelligent choices that result in successful businesses and happy customers. The co-founder's mission is to help clients create memorable experiences that improve people's lives and our planet. Whether they're working on furniture, tech, architecture, or developing a strategy for expanding into new markets, they always keep the client's goal at the core.

They hope to make the world a more beautiful and efficient place through their work – one project at a time.


How do we get started on a project?

Woo! Happy to hear you're interested. Please fill out the form here and we will reach out.

Where are you located?

Currently co-located between New York City & San Francisco.

Can design help my business/life/strategy?

Yes! We're excited to help you and those you're around succeed.

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Hi, what's you name?

Our Neighbor! What's yours?

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